Have a general question about Kickstarter/BackerKit that’s not specific to Fool's Gold? Be sure to check out our general Kickstarter FAQ!

UPDATED TIMELINE: Please be aware that we now expect to distribute digital rewards (with the exception of stretch goals) in December 2022. We estimate fulfillment for physical rewards to begin July 2023. 

Current Rewards Status

In Progress

  • Writing for the core campaign book!
  • Minis!
  • Art!
  • Animations for spell cards!


  • STLs (1st half!)

When will you send surveys?

We're looking to have surveys out a couple of weeks after the close of the campaign. We ask for your patience while we prepare them. Please ensure your email address is not a Private Apple ID relay email address. If you’re new to Kickstarter, welcome! We’ll have more information on BackerKit when we get closer to releasing the survey so please look forward to that! 

Where do I add/edit my address for shipping?

In the BackerKit survey! We ask for your patience while we prepare them!

What do I do if I'm having an issue with my payment?

Please see this Kickstarter help page for more information!

What do I do if I'm told my pledge was dropped?

Please wait until we announce all of the surveys have been sent. It's likely BackerKit will process you as a backer!

Can I change my payment method later?

Yes, BackerKit will allow you to change payment methods!

What is included in my pledge tier?

The main campaign page details everything in a given pledge tier! Locate the tier you are interested in and underneath will be an image of everything in that tier as well as an itemized list of everything that’s included.
Additionally you'll want to look at the stretch goals! The stretch goals will list all current goals as well as goals that have been reached. It will state under each stretch goal what tiers (if any) it'll be in!

While tiers don't stack, as in a higher tier includes the lower tiers, they do come with the stretch goals!

When will you begin fulfillment?

We estimate we'll begin shipping in September 2022. Keep an eye on
updates for any changes to this date!

Does the September 2022 date apply to the Print N Play PDF as well?

Yes! If this changes, we will let everyone know
in an update.

I pledged for a digital-only tier (the Print N Play tier or the Digital Deluxe tier) and was unable to add add-ons like dice. Will I be able to pick physical add-ons?

In order to qualify for physical add-ons, you’ll want to change to a pledge tier that has physical rewards! Digital tiers are not eligible for physical add-ons. 

Is shipping EU friendly?


Is the hardcover book included in the box set?


Do I get the PDF with the box set?

Yes! The PDF is the Deluxe Print N Play.

What levels is this campaign setting for?

We recommend levels 10-20 for this campaign.

What game system is this for?

This setting is written for 5th edition. You are welcome to adapt it for any system you like!

Will watching Fool’s Gold spoil the campaign?

This campaign setting has multiple changes to prevent metagaming. Additionally you can run players through a campaign that matches Fool’s Gold or you can take them on a totally different adventure!

Will you be using a pledge manager after the campaign ends?

Yes, we will be using BackerKitYou’ll want to ensure your Kickstarter email address is correct and will match the email you use for BackerKit. 

I missed pledging to the campaign while it was open. Can I still receive items?

Yes, please click here to preorder!

What is the difference between backers and preorders?

A backer is someone who made a pledge to a tier on Kickstarter and had their funds charged when the campaign ended. If you preordered on our BackerKit preorder site, you've preordered. Preorders do not receive benefits from Kickstarter, i.e. stretch goals bundled with items.

If you've preordered and aren't sure what you're receiving, please click the item on the preorder page. That will list all of the content!

I want items from two pledge tiers. Am I able to get them?

Yes! After you pledge for one, you'll be able to pick the other in the add-ons section on Kickstarter. Additionally, you can grab another tier as an add-on in BackerKit!

Will Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds be available on D&D Beyond?

It will not. 

What are the details of the Tarrasque “mini”?

The estimated measurements are:
Height (Including spikes) 13.1"/33.4cm, Width 12.2"/30.9cm, Depth 11.7"/29.6cm with a 32mm or 28mm (Heroic) scale. It will be made from solid PVC. The estimated measurement for the base is 9” in diameter. The mini will weigh approximately 1 kg.

What is “sundrop style” painting for the Tarrasque “mini”? How can I pick that option?

Sundrop painting is a simple style of painting minis that adds contrast and shading. You can pick the option in BackerKit after we send surveys!

Will the Tarrasque STL be available to print in pieces?

Yes! The Tarrasque STL will be available to print as a whole and also in 6 pieces.

Will all of the minis be available as STLs?

Yes, every mini that is unlocked through the course of the stretch goals will be available as an STL.

How do I pick which physical minis sets I want?

You’ll pick your specific sets in BackerKit! It is not random.

What is in Jack’s notebook?

Jack’s notebook has unlined pages as well as a few of Ohio Jack’s own sketches throughout the book.

What is Gothi’s mask made of?

This is not yet finalized as we want the mask to be as accurate as possible while also being comfortable. We’re looking at a number of materials and will provide more details when we have them!

Is there playtest material?

Yes, you can find the Foreclaimer race preview here!