What do you offer patrons?

Every tier gets a Big Bads PDF! Digital rewards also include 10 reference cards featuring new stats, magic items, custom monsters, and more!

We also have three physical tiers for patrons who want a more tactile experience but would rather not print the files themselves. 

We have four tiers patrons receive on a monthly basis:

  1. Bronze ($5 USD): The Big Bad PDF, the reference cards PDF, 1 ballot per vote

  2. Silver ($10 USD): Physical reference cards and all previous rewards

  3. Gold ($15 USD): 1 printed Big Bad Booklet and all previous rewards

  4. Signature ($20 USD): 1 limited edition Big Bad Booklet which is stamped and numbered, 1 exclusive 4x6 art piece of the monthly Big Bad, and all previous rewards (the limited edition booklet replaces the standard)

Free shipping is applied to all tiers that receive physical rewards.

How does voting work?

Every week we post a patron-exclusive poll to hear from you on what reference card you'd like included in upcoming rewards.

I just signed up. Which Big Bad will I receive?

You’ll receive the Big Bad and rewards being promoted at the time of sign up and all further Big Bads. 

The exception is if you sign up on the 1st of the month and Patreon hasn’t charged. If you get in under the wire this way you’ll receive the previous month’s Big Bad. For example if you sign up early March 1 and Patreon hasn’t charged for the monthly fee, you will receive February’s Big Bad.

What about the timeline for the rewards?

We distribute rewards the following month. If you sign up during February, you’ll receive February’s Big Bad in March. You can usually expect them to be in your inboxes by the 8th of the month! If we anticipate delays, we’ll let you know.

Physical rewards are currently experiencing delays and, at this time, ship out the month following the PDF release (for example, if Big Bad X PDFs are distributed in May, it is likely the physical booklets and cards will ship out in June).

We’re working on getting the rewards shipped out the same month as their corresponding PDFs as we become more familiar with our new (quicker!) equipment and streamline the production process. We’ll post an update when physical rewards are shipped out so you know when to expect them!

When will I be charged?

We charge on the 1st of every month.

There was an issue charging my card. What do I do?

Confirm that your payment method is valid and properly reflected on your Patreon account, then reach out to our team at support@hitpointpress.com so we can look into the issue further!

Where will I receive the digital versions of the Big Bad and reference cards?

We send them through Patreon messages! You’ll receive links for downloads.

What if my physical rewards never reach me?

In this case, we ask that you confirm your delivery address listed on your Patreon profile and reach out to our team at support@hitpointpress.com!

I lost my file and would like to download it again. Can I?

Yes! The same link will work.

I saw you offer the previous six months of Big Bads. How can I get in on that?

Send us an email at support@hitpointpress.com. We can get you set up! Previous Big Bads for patrons are $2 each. At this time we’re only offering the digital versions.

If you’re looking for older Big Bads, we have them available on our store! They’re available a la carte as well as in bundles. As of now you can get up to issue 18.

I’m not a patron but I bought some Big Bads on hitpointpress.com. I no longer have access to those files. Can I get them again?

Unfortunately back when we moved storefronts some of the download links broke. Please send us an email at support@hitpointpress.com with the email address you used to place the order. We’ll get you new download links. If you ordered them on the new storefront, they’ll always be available on your account profile under Orders!

I’m moving. What do I need to do?

Here’s how to update your address on Patreon. As long as it’s changed by the time your rewards ship they’ll go to your new address!

Are the Big Bads family friendly?

This is up to your discretion! Some Big Bads could definitely be scarier than others, and some have very high challenge ratings. These can always be scaled, but if you’re considering using a Big Bad in a family-friendly environment, we recommend that an adult look over the content first.

What if my question or concern isn’t listed here?

Send us a message at support@hitpointpress.com or join our Discord! The team (or another generous member of our Discord community!) will get you the information you’re looking for.